Vehicle Importing By The Numbers

I’ve just returned from the PA Auto Tag place. I immediately had to turn in the Title that I had waited so long for, and I don’t even get it back. I did however get my pink slip. Now all I have to do is wait for the car to be delivered an the plate to arrive! The guy seemed surprised that I had all of the paperwork ready to go (props to The Actual RootWyrm). He was also surprised to see that I had the title already translated. I translated it originally just because I was curious, then a few Oppos mentioned that I might need it for the state DMV, and I did! So thanks!

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I thought some of you might be interested in the breakdown of the cost to get a vehicle from Europe to East Coast USA. So here it is

Shipping for the title - $32

Pickup and shipping from Beesd, Netherlands - $1,494.92

Import fees (customs bond, filing fees, duty, delivery) - $1384.76

PENNDOT fees (Tax, title, tag, registration) - $1205

Grand total - $4,116.68

Before this all started I guessed $4k omitting tax, and duty. So I think I made out well.


Things of note:

Shipping was on a RoRo carrier, container shipping would have been more expensive.


Beesd is close to Amsterdam where they do a lot of shipping, so I’m guessing this deducted a significant amount from the cost.

Chances are that you could save some money stateside if you DIY, but I wouldn’t if I do it again. It was around $750 to have someone else file the paperwork and deliver the car, that’s a steal to me. It would have to cost double that for me to consider doing it myself.


Looking back, the process was easy overall. The lack of experience and level of anxiety made it difficult for me. It will be much easier next time.

Now it’s a race to see what arrives first, the car or the license plate. I’m suspecting the car, but at least I’ve got a head start on the plate. I’ll be driving it around the neighborhood either way;)


Happy Friday and Happy Holidays!

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