Vehicle Jenga. Any Storage Thoughts?

Any thoughts on non-home-based classic car storage? Are the LifeStorage and similar outfits any good, or good values? Better to go with one of the dedicated classic car facilities around most cities?

Here’s the situation: After selling the turbo-EFI-converted truck,


I replaced it with a new VW AllTrack (I love it).

I still have my fun, restomodded ‘78 Datsun 280Z:


And we still have the ‘04 Jetta 1.8T (think it may finally have 70,000 miles). We have a small one-car garage, where the Z lives. The AllTrack currently has the single driveway spot. The Jetta has one of probably two spots in front of our house. The other spot is often occupied by the idiot renters across the street who are way over occupancy limits with their various couch surfers, live-in whoevers, etc. So, we’re about maxed out on parking.

Now comes the wrinkle. I’m about to ship my brother’s ‘78 280Z here to start rebuilding it. The garage spot would make the best landing place for me to start work on it. However, my Z’s collector insurance is very clear that it requires enclosed, secure, private parking. So, it can’t just go in the driveway even if I were dumb enough to do that with our brutal sun, snow, and hail. And if I start work on my brother’s Z in the driveway, which is also a bad idea for many of the same reasons, it will also block any practical use of my Z. So, I’m thinking I need to store my Z somewhere off site while I rebuild the other Z.


While I realize the best solution is to keep this place as a rental and buy something with at least a two car garage, that’s just not going to happen in any realistic timeframe. So, what luck have you had with off-site storage? Any other ideas for a solution?

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