Over the last month, I’ve been searching, test driving, and overall, just looking for a Tacoma replacement. My search revealed what I knew all along.

I’ll keep the Taco. I drove about a dozen Land Cruisers of various vintage, 80s and 100s. I’m not ready to dump the 20k mile truck for 200k + trucks and the constant tinkering older vehicles need to keep running tip top. I was going to drive some Wranglers, and was pretty darn bummed when a low mileage (60k) Yellow Rubicon LJ was sold out from under me.

After all the test driving though, none felt like the Taco. The truck has taken me to Montreal and NY from Colorado, and will take us on adventures every summer.

I can see the Cougar getting replaced with a Jeep. That might be a more fun family bomb around the neighborhood vehicle than the Cougar. The Cougar is still going to the body shop next week, so we’ll see how I feel when it comes back. I fully expect to be reinvigorated and start working on the car again. I’m in no hurry to replace the Cougar, either. Of course this is subject to change at any time and I can not be bound to anything I’ve previously stated in this post.


Oh, and I’m going bro on the Taco. The TRD Pro suspension was heavily discounted as its being discontinued, so I picked that up. I’ll install that when I get some wheels and tires. For now, the kit was a nice enough price that I wanted to have it around before it went out of stock.