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I’m considering selling the Legacy. I’m getting too fed up with the transmission, the uncomfortable seats, and the bouncy, harsh ride. It’s dumb to sell a car with so few miles, that’s so dependable, but it annoys me more than I enjoy it. I could get somewhat better seats out of an Outback or something, but I also don’t want super mismatched seats. No one seems to make parts for non-GT Legacy wagons, so I don’t have much, if any suspension parts to choose from to try and improve the ride, or at least make it feel more planted to justify the firmness of the ride.


So here’s the pros and cons of the Legacy.


-Very reliable (so far)

-59k kms....

-Decent on gas in the city, very good on gas on the highway

-Seats 5 (I’m often carting people around)

-More than enough cargo room for everyday purposes

-AWD is nice in the snow


-It was free (inheritance from my grandpa)


-Will almost definitely need head gaskets done at some point

-Not good enough on gas in the city for how gutless it feels, because the engine, transmission, and final gearing are poorly matched.


-Clunky transmission that’s often annoying, sometimes dangerous. Very reluctant to downshift, so I wind up giving it a silly amount of gas, then it downshifts a half hour after I needed the lower gear, sometimes it downshifts twice. Starts in 2nd unless it’s from a dead stop, and it doesn’t have the torque for that. Aggressively upshifts unless it’s in sport mode, but it waits too long to shift in sport mode...anyways, you get the idea.

-I don’t need AWD, it’s just making my fuel economy worse. Yes it’s nice in the snow, but I get by just fine with 2wd and snow tires.


-Seats that are generally uncomfortable for short drives, but awful on long drives.

-Turning circle of an aircraft carrier.

-Rearview mirror that is directly in my field of view, so I always have to duck under or around it.


-It’s bouncy at speed, and crashes over bumps, if loaded with 3 skinny guys in the back seat, it wallows about like I have the trunk full of bodies. If there’s 3 not so skinny people in the back seat, and bags and such in the trunk, it’s just stupid. It may be a wagon, but it apparently was only designed for a couple kids in the back and a couple light things in the trunk.

So yeah, I need to either change what’s bothering me about the Legacy, or sell it to someone who really wants one, and get something else. I have some guilt and feelings of ungratefulness about selling an inheritance, but my mom thinks that my grandpa would have been just as happy if I used his car to get a car that’s better for me, as if I kept it. He was her dad, so I trust her opinion on that.

Illustration for article titled Vehicular Musings

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