Veloster N review - On the track UPDATE: Now with more Doug!

I think this can hang in there with the best hot hatches. Important numbers for the US version:

  • Hyundai says the 250 horsepower version of the Veloster will list for less than $28,000, while the 275 horsepower model will set you back just under $30,000. Both estimated prices include delivery, whatever that figure may be.
  • Performance Package (275HP over regular 250HP), adds the final helping of performance bits. For about $2,000, buyers get the extra horsepower, an electrically controlled limited-slip differential, larger brakes with 13.6-inch front discs and 12.4-inch rear discs (versus 13.0 and 11.8 standard), 235/35 Pirelli P Zero tires on lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels (instead of 18s), and an active exhaust system.
  • 4 colors only- red black blue and chalk white
  • manual only, 7 speed DCT in future

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Wish they brought the i30N here as well or instead of this.

Doug’s take on the car:


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