As I am closing my work accounts here in Maryland (a layer of hell) before returning to Florida, I learned a major problem happened yesterday.

As a backstory, I moved to Maryland to come work at the Headquarters of an Army unit that is supposed to be the cream of the crop for my field of work (I won’t say who). Upon arrival, I learned the motto of the unit was “We do what we want.” There is limited work ethic, no one finishes tasks (they kick it around for a bit and give it to you half complete to allow you to finish it), and folks are constantly finding new ways to get outta work.

I had a batch of contractors under me that needed help when I arrived. They needed someone to sign them up for programs/accounts that would make their jobs easier. I spent hours on the phone/email to get these programs, but it really wasn’t in my job title. The guy who’s job it was to do this was currently loaned out to another unit and the contractors belonged to him, I have 14 of my own. He was returning soon and our supervisor approved me to do all this and then give it to him. Everyone was happy...cept the dude who now had to do extra work.

Well, that was a year and a half ago. He refused even efforts by the supervisor to accept responsibility for the programs. I was told/ordered to stop assisting him. I kept trying to prompt him to sign the User Agreements and make 1 phone call. I had everything greased up for him to take this and run with it. It was almost on autopilot and all his folks needed the programs to do their day to day jobs. Nope...not gonna do it even it was a simple program.


Fast forward to today, I was out yesterday with a cracked windshield on my M3 ($325 later)...apparently 2 of his folks, former folks I helped on these programs, drove to Virginia Monday to take a course using those programs for professional development. The programs were turned off on Friday because Dude didn’t accept user agreements and renew our subscription (It is free and requires an email that says, “Hi, I still use this”). They were forced to cancel their class and drive back to Maryland. They are furious. Dude is trying to blame me. I started laughing and showed him over 50 emails of me/supervisor prompting him to do his job and him utterly refusing. I started belly laughing and he realized he may be in trouble...he slithered outta my office.

Supervisor is currently out of the office, but when he returns....oh man. Remember, E stands for Evidence in E-Mail. Dude is gonna get beat down when the supervisor returns and half his workforce is without key programs the bosses expect. Most of the workers are just reading the news or playing on Facebook.

Advertisement why I am leaving. This is also why I may get outta DoD and use my degree field

Ugh....I hate it here. But at least my car is perfect again...stupid rock.