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Venom by Chrysler

I just finished Sony’s Venom. An Eddy Brock origin story with no Peter Parker. Do we need a Oppo review of a movie that was in theaters nearly 3 months ago? No but here we are. Plus no one saw this in theaters anyway.

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I had a few major problems with the movie from the jump.

1 no Spider-Man

2 this probably means that we will never see a proper Spidey VS Venom movie. And that makes me pretty sad as Venom is one hell of a villain.



I think I liked the movie over all. I loved that they fixed the sim-bi-ote pronunciation and suck with the Marvel sim-be-ote.

I warmed up to Eddy Brock as a character over the course of the movie, and I really like the way Venom talks to him, and the way they talk to each other.

I do HATE that the symbiotes had their own English names. I think their hosts should have named them.


I do like that Vemon is a hero in this story. And I like that Venom chooses to stay with eddy basically just because he thinks Eddy is some one he can hang out with.

The action wasn’t up to MCU par at all. Because it wasn’t MCU. But I think the jokes were. As was the Stan Lee cameo.As for the Post Credits Scene.


Wooden Harilson(i laughed to hard at this type-o to fix it.) is amazing but he should not be playing Carnage. And there won’t be a sequel anyway because this movie did terribly.(it didn’t?)

I think the movie was okay, and worth the rent. But I’m glad I didnt pay 8-10 bucks to see it in a theater. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 28% I’d give it a 50.


On a scale of “Thor The Dark World” to “Into the SpiderVerse” I’d give it a solid “The Amazing Spiderman”. Huh it’s about as good as another okay Sony movie. Interesting

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