I have a confession: even though I’m a health nut, I enjoy a nice sugar-free energy drink. Venom Energy is an energy drink made by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. PDQ gas stations sell them for $1.49. But Woodman’s supermarket now has them for $0.89, including the (apparently?) elusive Watermelon Lime flavor.

Usually at PDQ they have the Citrus and Strawberry Apple low calorie Venom Energy drinks. The Citrus tastes like Mountain Dew and the Strawberry Apple tastes like strawberry popsicles. I resisted the temptation to buy a bunch of them the past several times I bought groceries at Woodman’s, but last night I caved and bought one of each of the 3 low calorie flavors, including this Watermelon Lime which I hadn’t seen at PDQ before.

Turns out, Watermelon Lime is some magical special flavor that’s not even listed on the Venom Energy website. WHOA.

All I can say about Low Calorie Watermelon Lime Venom Energy is that it tastes like you’re drinking a fizzy watermelon Jolly Ranger. But in case you want someone else’s much more detailed account, I found this video. He waits until 4:08 to taste the drink, and his reaction is, “It’s unique. I can’t say it’s horrible, but I can honestly say that I will never buy it again.”

Also on the topic of drinks, my favorite gif from the Comey hearing yesterday is him taking this sip of water.