Commuting to work on monday and ran into a car I’ve seen multiple times blowing stop signs, tailgating, passing on double yellows, and in corners. In short, a jackass without any regard for those around him or himself. Anyways, he came speeding up on my rear end while I was already doing 10 over the limit on a two lane rural road. I give him the benefit of the doubt with a couple light taps of the brakes to give him a warning. Of course, he only gets closer, to the point I can’t even seen his grill (I already know the car though). We get to some tight turns, still on me. At this point I am going slower just to piss him off. Road opens slightly, and all I hear its his beat to shit toyota screaming for all its worth. I then proceed to make the situation worse by flipping him off. Then he locks up his fronts to brake check me to the point I have to put two wheels off the damn road to avoid him. I finish the encounter with a call to the police to file a report. This is not the first time I’ve seen this asshole and I am sure it wont be the last.

Fuck this pissed me off. I enjoy driving through corners as fast as the next guy, but not 15+ over the limit, passing mid blind corner putting the safety of others in danger. If I ever come across someone on that type of road going slower, I just accept it as is and take it as a sign I need to cool my jets.

Next time I see him, I will pull over with my phone at the ready

Rant over