Venting against scammers (literally)

I keep getting phone calls from people who keep claiming to be from “the computer support department” or something along those lines (they never specifically identify themselves, it’s always “computer support” with claims that they’re either doing a monthly checkup based on a subscription I never signed up for, or are responding to a phone call I never made, and always speak in broken English which is a sure sign it’s legit). Usually I just hang up but I’ve gotten fed up with the increasing frequency of the calls. Lately I’ve been telling them very specifically don’t call back - then don’t call back or I’ll call the police - and now I’ve just had this exchange:

(after saying hello? hello? into the phone for a number of seconds which I’ve learned is usually an indication that a scam is on the other end)

Scammer: hello I am here to do a computer checkup that you requested for (or something along those lines - he never identifies himself or the specific company he works for)


Me: If you call this number again I’m calling the police and having you arrested

Scammer: What are you calling the police for?

Me: Because you are a scammer and literally a criminal

Scammer: You are a good person

Me: And you are a scammer and a criminal

Scammer: yes yes I am a criminal

(at that point I had a good laugh, figured I’ve vented enough and hung up)

But seriously I’m sick and tired of this. Is there any way I can get a reverse phone look-up and report the number to the police?

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