I was about to finally get to the Exocet’s gas tank vent when I realized my gas fountain the other day ate some of the paint of the frame so instead I sanded and repainted that bit. Man, do I feel like a genius for using hammered copper rustoleum. You can add as many touchups as you want and can’t tell the difference. Now I’m hanging out and listening to random people covering “The Rainbow Connection” on Youtube.

And probably the cutest / weirdest one of all:

Never mind, THIS is the weirdest:

Wait, that’s not it. Here it is:

Bonus Ska Cover:

And Double Bonus Double Ska/Skanktastic Cover (actually one of my favorites):

And a rock version for people who must:

And the most legendary version (Willie Nelson):

And the classic with Blondie that will light up your soul:

If you’re bored (like me), here’s the story of the song:

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