Vermeer S450TX: The Oppo Review

Saturday afternoon we rented the Vermeer S450TX, known by some as a Dingo(like Kleenex, the Dingo was first/is most popular, and thus gets all the credit). We had a large spot of dirt that needed flattening, mulch and sand that needed to get around, and finally an auger for some post holes and a few trees. Here are some points about it:


If it looks like a Dingo and works like a Dingo, it might be a Vermeer


Packed with a 24.8-Horsepower Kubota diesel engine, it does everything you need. It is not fast but gets the job done faster then you, a couple buddies, some shovels, and a 12 pack would.



Tipping the scale at just over 2400 pounds while running the standard bucket running over things or packing dirt is not a problem. The Tundra had no problem pulling it.


As a 21 year old, the joystick felt natural and easy to maneuver. My father, not being used to the sensitivity of the controls, had a steeper learning curve.



Sporting a 12V cigarette lighter and a cup holder large enough to hold a Route 44 Sonic Cup, I was pleasantly surprised to find the “cabin” softly padded and spacious along with more features then a used Kia.


Other features:

These are the other features...



For $250, we got the Vermeer from Saturday at noon until Monday by 9 am. Not a bad deal for everything we got done.


The verdict:

On a scale of Corolla to LF-A I give it a GX460. Versatile and not the largest, but virtually the same. While a 475 is available, it could be too large to get through narrower areas. Also, since it is around $50 more, not justifying an extra 2-3" of bucket.

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