Vermont Overland Rally

Spent this past weekend at the Vermont Overland Rally, and being back to work this week has sucked. I just want to go back and keep exploring as we didn’t get to hit even half of the class IV roads (unmaintained roads/trails) that were mapped out for attendees. My Nissan is stock, aside from the necessary armoring for this kind of thing. And the lack of suspension lift became apparent as I frequently tested the durability of my radiator skidplate.

My buddy came out with his lifted Forester XT as well. I honestly thought we’d be pulling him out of trails, but it was a beast even without low range gearing:

Ended up running with lots of folks that came up from CT, a pretty diverse group experience wise too so it was great to see people get their first real taste of off-road driving.


Tons of awesome campers and trailers too at the headquarters.


If you’re remotely interested in this kinda stuff I totally recommend attending next year, tons of fun. And we got a Subaru through, so don’t make excuses!

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