Vermont Winter Challenge Rally, in 3 acts.

My first time as a driver in this TSD rally, probably the most fun I’ve had driving ever though. 3pm Saturday till ~2 am Sunday through snowy back roads of VT with directed ‘average’ speeds that were probably too fast (the event is designed by John Buffum, so that explains it a bit.)

Act 1: Doing well & not getting lost!


Act 2: It’s not gone well.

Was trying to make up time since the average speed was supposed to be 38mph, and it was a struggle to do over 35. Came over a crest into an immediate downhill off-camber left hander. Too slippy, maybe could have pulled through but there was a high chance of hitting trees so I opted to hit the snowbank dead on instead. Thankfully one of the other teams stopped to help yank us out (though the team riding my ass watched us stuff it and didn’t even stop to check if we were injured) Only ended up being stuck for maybe 15 minutes & still managed to finish out the rally and hit every checkpoint, a first for us.

Act 3: It’ll buff out.


Surprisingly, the only damage was a busted bumper cover & wheel well liner. I think the 1.5" lift of the car plus the skid plate let it mostly just slide up over the snowbank, thankfully.

One last note, we had a never used Smittybilt kinetic recovery strap (bought last summer) and on the very first time it was deployed, the garbage thing just shredded to pieces. Shittybilt indeed.

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