Veronica after 130 miles

I drove her home from Cloquet MN, about 100 miles, cruised around town a bit last night, and to work this morning, So I’ve learned some things about Veronica. 1 if you push the key in the LED halos flash... 2 idle will hang up really high, like 3,000rpm but you just tap the throttle and it goes down. 3 the horse hair insulated OEM top should be replaced but that won’t happen till next year and not with an OEM one because money. 4 the aftermarket cheapo headlights are terrible.

5 It’s louder than it is fast. (Duh)The Webber carb, and way to big muffler make it pretty noisy but I’d be surprised if it had more than 100hp, at least it’s faster than a diesel mk1.


6 It drives great aside from a few squeaks and rattles, but the alignment is good and dispite being lowered a bit it’s very comfortable. And the steering feels tight although I think a bearing in the steering column is shot because you can hear it when turning, and the steering wheel can giggle a bit.

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This car needs a TON of work, but at the same time none of It NEEDS to be done it’s all cosmetic or minor enough to ignore. I’m just going to have fun with it for now and work on some things in the winter. I have a few plans for mods too, but most of the things I would do have been done. The carb conversion, round headlight conversion, nicer seats from a Scirocco, lowering springs, nice period 13” alloy wheels and good tires, and that front lip.

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