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Very Jealous Right Now

Neighbor across the street came home with a brand new Ascent Limited. I know I am a fanboy, but I think Subaru hit it out of the park with this thing. Yes the styling is just puffed up Outback but it is handsome and the size is great. Packaging is also very clever. I want one. It reminds me a lot of the 2nd generation Santa Fe that I had and always loved the size of. I don’t really need a 3rd row, but I do often find myself missing the extra cargo space that 3-row vehicles have with the third row folded or removed. Many of the 3-row crossovers have grown into boats over the past decade as manufacturers have been trying to make the 3rd row seats more habitable. That’s fine if you need to transport people regularly, but for occasional use I’d rather have something more compact. This seems to fit the bill nicely. Speaking of which, my Outback still needs to get its explody Tamara airbag replaced... looks like I have an excuse to go to the dealer and test drive one of these to see what the new 2.4L turbo feels like!


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