Finished the stripping and painting of the underside of the Spit.

Also cut out and re-made some sections of the floor I’d done wrong. With my old gearbox mounts I’d had to clearance the floorpan, but the seat rails wouldn’t fit. Rather than modify the rails, I thought I’d go back and re-do the gearbox mount so I never needed to touch the floors in the first place :S

My welds looked a lot less crap in the shadows without a flash...


Then, got the body down on the chassis! Just need to track down all the little rubber spacers that fit between the body and the chassis (they’ve all gone walkabout), bolt it down, gap the doors and I can tack it in place :)

Damn my phone is terrible in low-light conditions

That was just in the evening. In the morning/afternoon me and my dad finished concreting his garage floor, and did the triangular section of my parts shed :)