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If I find something on the side of the road, am I allowed to take it? I mean far from the road like nearly in a ditch that 50 ft from the road? Full story after jump. And yes, the pic is related!


So today we had a field trip! We were going to see a play on Thurgood Marshall (the play was quite good honestly) and that meant we would go on the highway. Driving down Route 681 (its an extension that leads onto I-75) you see a lot of farmland. There is obviously a fence to keep cattle from becoming served on the wrong type of grille.

Anyway, as we are going, I see something laying in the grass near the fence. It looked like the grille of an old 70s Ford Bronco (see, I told you the pic was relevant!). It was somewhat rusty but it looked so cool. Obviously, since I was on a bus full of kids, I couldn't A) tell the driver to stop immediately and B) Flip out pointing and screaming at it. So, I memorized the spot and it was still there on the way back as well.


My question is can I get it? It wasn't in the fence or near the highway. It was just sitting there. I want it to hang on my walls so badly. The "patina" was amazing. I just don't want to get in trouble for it.

Thanks Oppo!

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