A few years ago, I friended a random stranger on Xbox Live after playing Forza Horizon with him for a few hours. He seemed very cool and knowledgeable and he told me that he was an “old guy,” which I thought was pretty cool and unique, hence the friend request.

Anyway we’ve played Forza together a few times in the ensuing years and he’s always been very cool. Last night, around 10PM I jumped online and got into a game with him.

We got to chatting about cars and I immediately remembered why i’d friended him in the first place. This guy (Bob) really knew his stuff! We started talking car design and the more i talked the more impressed i became with Bob and his car knowledge.

We got to talking about jobs and I asked him what he did. “I design cars!” he said. Well that’s pretty damn cool! Turns out he works for Geely, the Chinese company that bought Volvo pretty recently and notably did not seem to ruin that company at all. I sat in the new S90 at my local auto show. Its really really nice.

So we chatted some more and eventually he started telling me a story that contained the following statement “So when I created the Miata...”

“Wait...what? Can we...go back to that part?” I said.

“Well, I came up with the idea for the Miata.”


He then went on to humbly deflect credit onto those who’d worked with him for the creation of the Miata. He did though, insist that he came up with the idea.


Meanwhile my head began to explode. It was late at this point. I grabbed my ipad and googled Bob Hall. Sure enough: There’s an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage about the Miata, the man talking in the video had the same voice as the man I was currently chatting with over Xbox Live. Plus his name was right there on my TV screen.

I couldn’t believe it. This guy I’d been playing Forza with for years
was instrumental in the creation of everyone’s favorite modern day sports car. I then proceeded to talk with him for another 2-3 hours. Honestly i would’ve sat their all night listening to awesome stories of the auto industry, in the 80's and 90's but I had to be at work today.