[No actual pictures because I was being a responsible Oppo]

Coming out of the parking lot of a global super major oil company - back to back Raptors, and after a close look they both had decals from the same dealership. I wouldn’t drive one, but still like the way they look. First one was this blue, second one was flat gray.


Then on the drive home saw a darting vehicle in my rearview mirror with the unmistakable gaping maw of an Audi CUV. Something looked odd in my first glance, which I noticed when it blew by me (probably 80-85 where most traffic was at 70). RSQ5, lowered within an inch of its life, with noticeable APR badge on the back as well. Looked lower than even the picture I posted above.

Have to admit it sounded nice, and I guess that is the only way to get an RS “wagon” here in the states. Dude was definitely driving like a bit of a jerk, though not all out a**hole.