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Vespa ideas and questions

I am considering options for the metal body work that is needed for the Vespa. I have been looking at some Vespa forums.

It isn’t that bad. There is some surface rust underneath.

These need to be sanded out.
small dent on the left fender.
Pretty bad dent on the right fender.
The right fender has a big dent

Apparently, it is very difficult to remove the metal body from the ET4 frame, making it difficult to repair. They also recommend having the metal parts sandblasted or bead blasted prior to repainting, and say it is not that cheap.


We have no Vespa people here, and I rarely see another one around town. But there is a big custom bike and hot rod culture, and I feel like one of those shops might come up with a creative solution, and be able to handle body and paint.

Or, these badass bike and hot rod guys might laugh my little Vespa right out the door. We will find out.

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