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Vespa Project Update.

I had the decals made (better than this draft), and now I need help with repairing the metal body parts, painting the whole thing, and placing the decals and racing stripes.

I have replaced almost all of the plastic panels with Piaggio OEM replacements. They sold millions of these things, and millions are still on the road around the world, so they continue to produce parts. I have not changed the two halves that enclose the handlebars, instrument panel, and headlight.


My wife looked at it and said, “you did the rest, why not do these two more before you have it painted so it is all new?” Do you see why I love this woman?

I have decided I need to find someone besides Nikon for this project. While some things worked out ok, I am not happy with how things went on the Sunchaser project. I’m not going to rehash it, but I don’t think he is the guy for me to work with.


I have some good leads for help on the T Bird, and I have to believe there are a lot of shops who can do what is a pretty small job. Hell, maybe one of our local custom bike shops would get a kick out of it. If I get really lucky, one of these local artists will be able to actually paint the wasp on the bike. That may be a pipe dream, though.

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