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Vespa today and Sunchaser tomorrow

Good news! The Sunchaser should be repaired and in my hands tomorrow - plenty of time for a leisurely drive on Saturday to Radwood with Toby. If you see us on the way, be sure to honk and wave.

My 17 year old son said he thinks the Vespa is looking good now that I have cleaned it up. I think I agree. He is against my plan to stip, paint, and decal it. He likes it covered in stickers, and he loves the unpainted plastic panels. I think it is looking good, even without all of its body panels (there are lower panels that go above the rear wheel).

O great SV Wrangler, how do I convince my wife to let him take the CHP bike safety class? She is afraid he will get the class M and hop on a bike, which he will. He will do it properly trained, or he will just fumble through once he is 18. I suggested she take the class with him, but no dice


I have been riding the Vespa in 100 degree heat these last few days, and have been loving it. I really don’t mind the heat. The bike consistently struggled, frequently stalling in this weather. The culprit, I believe, was the needlessly complex EVAP system cooked up by Vespa engineers when they were high.


Despite the problems I had getting the bike running again, removing that system, and the related repairs I discovered along the way were well worth it. Now that it is running well, the Malossi sport transmission upgrade package and the Malossi 187 cc kit are in the future. I have already done exhaust. But first it needs an oil change....


My wife went with me to the local motorcycle dealer to pick up oil filters I ordered from their parts department (no scooter shop in town). There was a used KTM Duke 390 (the significance of which a certain motorcycle prof Oppo is aware) out front, and I pointed it out to her. She frowned and said, “Forget it.” Then, a moment later, she said, “If we follow through and move out in the country somewhere in a few years, you can get one.” HUZZAH!


You know what has to happen, Oppo.


She also really admired the Slingshots and Can-Am Spyders. Anyone have any experience with these? I am really curious.

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