Vete a la chingada, Aeromexico.

Emirates finally arrived to Mexico City today after a huge legal battle with the local flight carrier, Aeromexico.

Aeromexico tried to argue that it would be detrimental to the national airline industry. 

The Emirates flight from Dubai to Mexico City through Barcelona got here finally.


I’m glad, because Aeromexico needs big competitors, specially on international flights. Currently Barcelona is only served by Aeromexico directly and by Iberia through Madrid. Spain in general was only served by Aeromexico and Iberia.

Years ago, four different companies, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Mexicana, and Iberia served routes to Spain from the Mexican capital, making the market more competitive. Nowadays it’s reduced to Aeromexico and Iberia; and prices are ridiculous. Flying to Madrid from Los Angeles is cheaper despite Los Angeles being further away from Madrid than Mexico City.

So, as a state sponsored uncompetitive airline arrives, all I have to say is, fuck you, Aeromexico.

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