Well, I used those two words in a single sentence, I can check that off the list.

This part has become my nemesis. It’s on my step sons truck, a 93 Toyota pickup, his first vehicle so I thought a 22R(e) from a family we have known forever was a good choice.

The vent window latch on the drivers side, was pulled too hard, someone tried to pry the window open, or the pivot post is bent. Could be that it’s 24 years old, and everyone knows by the time you are 24, there has been a lot of pulling and pivoting.

Whatever the reason, the window won’t seal because of the gap between latch and frame when in the closed position. Having recently turned my car in to a paperweight, I am driving this truck until I replace said paperweight.

The whistle, which starts at any speed over .00001 MPH (or if there is the slightest breeze while sitting at a stop sign/light) and increases in volume as wind speed increases, caused by the inability to seal the vent window is...irritating to put it mildly. Whereas my step son just turns up the stereo, it’s sort of a steel wool sliver in the eye kind of thing to me.


The folded paper, pieces of cardboard, and various pieces of rubber all eventually fall out, and I just open the thing while driving. I must fix it. I will fix it. If the local junk yards don’t have an appropriate part, I might even pay the $70 plus that Toyota wants, if I can get a definitive part number.