All cleaned up and putting it up for sale. Here’s your chance to own a super rare, manual transmission, 2009 Toyota Matrix Pontiac Vibe GT with 121k miles. One of the last vehicles to come out of the Toyota/GM joint venture assembly plant NUMMI, now occupied by Tesla.

It was originally purchased using the Cash for Clunkers program in exchange for the family’s 97 Expedition which was falling apart (any electrical gremlins and a blown rear air suspension). Along with GM employee pricing that I got through a friend, and a nice discount from the dealer since no one wanted manuals back then either, the $21k sticker price was reduced to about $12k out the door.


My sister has had it since new but with her move from south Florida to San Francisco for a new job she no longer needed a car. She wasn’t originally planning to sell it but it didn’t make sense to have it sit at our parents’ house. So I was tasked with getting it sale ready, which wasn’t fun cleaning up after a stereotypical girl that uses her car as an extension of her bedroom/closet.

With only 158hp from the 2.4L 4cyl it isn’t quick, but the GT trim comes with a stiffer suspension so it actually handles pretty ok with minimal body roll. Even though its a 4cyl, with a 28 mpg hwy rating its not that economical. Its amazing how much fuel efficiency has increased in the last decade. I have always wondered why this got a 5 speed while the generation before this one had a 6 speed which would have probably been better for performance and efficiency.

It has served us well over the last 10 years / 121k miles and I’m sure with its Toyota guts it has many more miles left in it.

It will be missed.


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