I’ve noticed a few times now, while going through twisty curves, if I get on the brakes hard I get a sort of pulsing from the brake pedal. NO, I DO NOT MEAN ABS. It feels like having a wheel out of balance, but only under braking and it seems only when I’m on the brakes fairly hard and they’ve been being used fairly heavily recently (in other words, hot.)

Is this normal? Am I just feeling the road surface more as the front suspension loads up? I cannot imagine the rotors are warped on a car that’s nearly new and rarely sees intense braking, but there aren’t many other things I can think of.

I’ve noticed it a few times over two driving sessions now. Both were at night, with fairly cool temperatures, in the dry. The effect seems to become more pronounced the hotter the brakes get. On a particularly spirited run where I was regularly using about 70% max braking it got so bad that I pulled off the road and checked my lug nuts.