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Only BMW folk will understand the true meaning of no warning messages.

had a big win today. My Steering angle sensor went kapput and I tried a few cheap DIY fixes to clean the optical disc to no avail. Tried to reset and calibrate with tool32 (BMW program in german) with no luck too.

Specialist shop wanted $1600, dealer asks around $2500 for the fix. I decided to just try my luck with a used unit for $160 (its the part which includes all 3 stalks- wiper, turn signals and cruise). Got it replaced in about 15minutes which is simply removing the steering wheel and a few tabs to dislodge.Dash lights still going, I asked the shop about coding, wanted another $250. Decided to DIY that too, required coding the VIN into it (because of course your stalks need to know what VIN your car is).


Anyway the issue is now resolved and I have hill-start assist, self-cancelling turn signals and no more DBC, DSC etc lights. I’m not a computer person, and it really wasn’t that tough.

TL:DR German cars are complex, but the older ones have enough internet support to get you through.


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