Continuing on my 996 exhaust rattle saga, it is back together and fixed now. The rattle was a broken rod from the actuator and the valve freely moving around. It was no bueno.

I was going to weld it up so the valve was open all the time, but something a commenter said on an earlier post made me think about the originality of the car and the value of the Porsche Sport Exhaust. Looking at it, there was no reason I couldn’t just disable the electronics that change the mode, and wire the valves open.


So that’s what I did. Some safety wire saved the day and makes the car sound great again. I don’t know if it’ll last, I suspect it will, but if not, it’s not that hard to get back in there and do it again or go another route. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for another muffler to replace that one with. Who knows what I may find in the future.

Sadly no before video, but it sounded terrible. Happy son in the back seat. I need to get that hardtop off so I can properly enjoy the car.


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