Finally after 50+ hours of sunday afternoons, Bill’s truck is ready to roll. I rewired it with a “classic update” kit that I had to re-arrange as I went into a “factory fit” harness. The truck is a by the book, nuts and bolts resto. the kit was more of a hot rod kit, meant for V8 auto, hei, new style alternator etc. Lots of time and thinking to make it work for 6,manual points/condenser, and externally regulated alternator. The last piece of the puzzle was making the alternator charge. Learned the trick of jumping the battery to the field wire at the regulator to make the alternator run full tilt. then learned about putting a load on the voltage sensor to start the alternator. I finally had to remove a chrome-nickel wire (60x the resistance of copper, 10 ohhms at 40 inches long) from the original harness had to trim, splice and repair, was able to keep at 9.7 ohms, which created a 3.7 volt signal current at the reulator (which is mechanical) making the damn truck charge.

Today I’m going to Larry’s place, to fiddle with a 27 chevy coupe to see If I can make that run.

I’m actually a bodyman by trade, but I enjoy a challenge and am up for just about anything. I am also overly sympathetic if think the car is cool or at least strange. So word has gotten around that I can fix things.