What would you do with it?

After defeating the mighty charging system, and trial and erroring the guage wiring of Bill’s GMC, I went to Larry’s place to look at the ‘27.

you can’t fake that finish.

So we got a new 6 volt battery, hooked her up, and connected the two mystery wires, which made a sound like an electric fuel pump. So I set the spark to retard, the throttle (on the steering wheel with the spark control) to half open, gave it about half choke, then stomped the foot throttle and the starter at the same time. the first 5 second crank got it to sputter, the next stomp it just started! I fiddled with the spark and choke and it smoothed out and it ran by itself!

I went over expecting to check points and other old timey stuff, but no, it just runs. Water pump leaks a bit, and I’ll need to install a fuel pressure regulator to hold back that electric pump a bit, and a switch for the mystery wires. The tires are silvertowns and not that old, so once we make sure the 2 wheel Mechanical brakes stop the car we can drive it!


Any suggestions on where to go from there?


Trying to talk him out of getting it painted. I think this looks awesome, and it’s fairly even over the whole car? What would you do?