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I’m now running a decent, but older, HP i7-2600 system and I’d like to optimize it for use with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d. That application says that it runs best with a 4GB card; the GTX 670 I’m currently running is a 2GB card. I’ve found a 4GB RX460 card for $103 and am wondering if this would be a better choice than my current card.

The various comparison sites say that the GTX 670 is the better card, but I’m wondering if that’s in a more general sense and based on more on specs rather than real-world experience. The one site that does show the performance of various cards in Prepar3d


doesn’t list the 670, but it does show a 680. It looks like the performance of the 680 is better than the 460, which makes me think that the 460 would be about the same as my current 670.

Should I just wait, save up a little, and get an RX 470 instead?

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