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Video from last weekends Lemons race

I got back from Sonoma Raceway the other day after driving in the 24 Hours of Lemons and pulled the video from one of my stints. I didn’t cut anything out, other than a couple of caution flags, so you’ll get to see me:

1. Completely forget how to shift gears (around the 15 minute mark, for 2 whole turns)


2. Run off the track while no one was around as i was trying to set a fast lap. (end of the video)

The car is a 1976 Pontiac Sunbird, roughly 110 hp, revs to not quite 5K and sticks like its on rails. In general, it was awesome on the first part of the track where it could use momentum to keep up speed. However the second part of the track was less nice to the little Pontiac, where the straightaways and braking zones didn’t play to our strengths.

We came away with the coveted “Index of Effluency” prize at the end of the weekend, despite utterly exploding our front left brake with about 15 minutes left in the race.


Highlights: 5:50 - I had a stupid pass i shouldn’t have done, but that now looks cool. 8:30 - a good lap. I passed like 3 people in one corner at one point.

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Good job car

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