This past Sunday I participated in a unique autocross event: Mirrorkhana.

Instead of the usual timed lap competition, Mirrorkhana is a head to head race between cars. The course is one long lap with opposing start/finish lines. First to finish wins, and the event is set up in a bracket format

I ran in the ‘Street Tire Open 6 Cyl (4cyl turbo’ class.

For the first race, the one I have video of above, I faced a Mini Cooper GP. I know the owner from other autocrosses, when I saw that I drew him for the first race I was pissed because I didn’t think I could win.

It was close, but as I expected he beat me. I dropped into the losers bracket where I clawed my way back for a rematch against the mini. I raced a Neon SRT4, a Lexus RC-F, and V6 Mustang, winning all races pretty easily.

I got a rematch, but lost by a few feet. As badly as I wanted to beat that mini, I’m happy with a hard fought second place. Just being close to Mini GP in a Chevy Sonic RS is something to be proud of I think.


Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon. I neglected to charge my Go Pro so this is the only good video I have unfortunately