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I guess it’s not really a rant, but it’s off topic to say the least. Basically my list of characters I’d nerf or buff in rainbow six siege.

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Vigil- First off all, keep in mind he’s a 3 speed and intended to be a roamer. The buff I think he needs is that drones shouldn’t have the white staticy bullshit on screen when he’s nearby. As a roamer it completely defeats the purpose of his ability. When you see a roamer on a drone and they know you’ve seen them, how often do they stay in the exact same place? They don’t, because the whole point of a roamer/3 speed is that they can move around quickly. So seeing Vigil’s static is basically the same thing as seeing Bandit or Jager run by.


Another solution, that I don’t think would really be a buff or nerf, would be making him a 2 or 1 speed, but leaving his ability alone. Because if he’s going to be staying in the objective room, then his ability is actually pretty good. Because the enemy knows someone is going to be in there regardless of droning, but they won’t find out his exact position. Which will make him stronger, because having your exact position found out when holding down the objective is much more detrimental than when you’re roaming and can easily run away.

Now overall this second solution might seem silly. But I’ve seen plenty of people already staying in the objective as Vigil. It’s kind of a waste of a 3 speed, but his ability is much more useful that way.



She needs to be able to destroy gadgets through hard walls somehow. IMO her gadget is probably the weakest, even compared to Ying’s. Because most gadgets are going to be set up next to doorways, which are always hard walls, or they’re on the objective behind a reinforced wall. Really the only constant exceptions are Valkyrie’s cameras and Pulse’s doohicky. The first of which can be easily defeated by Thatcher once you have a general idea where they are. And for Pulse, if IQ see’s him, than he can probably see her too. So it’s kind of a draw there.


I think she should have a special pistol she uses when she pulls out her gadget that can shoot through hard and reinforced walls, but she only get’s one magazine with it. It would still do damage to enemies, but it generally wouldn’t be worth using it that way since she’d only get a few rounds (Like 5-8). I think it’d be a nice buff that wouldn’t make her anymore powerful than Twitch or Thatcher. Since Thatcher can destroy more gadgets and doesn’t really have to expose himself to do so, and Twitch has the drone and many more shots, so there’s still reasons to pick those two over IQ depending on the situation/playstyle.



I really don’t know where to begin with this, she’s just so ridiculous. Granted she hasn’t really been too much of a problem, because most of the people I’ve seen play as her tend to be fucking idiots and suck, but none the less I think she needs to be nerfed.


Starting with impact/breaching rounds. So they’re basically like Ash’s, but better in every way. They’re faster to detonate (immediate) and they are much quieter, which is a huge advantage in this game. Then her concussion grenades....

*Deep breath



I can’t even comprehend this to be honest. She can just spray all of them into the objective, concuss everyone and her team can just rush in. It’s ridiculous. My nerf for would be that she has to reload after each one, and they don’t auto detonate when they’re near an enemy. They only detonate after a certain amount of time. Because right now she can just randomly shoot one into a room and if it goes off before the time, she knows

1) Someone’s in there

2) They’re concussed

That’s too much information to have based on randomly shooting a stupid grenade into a room. Make her reload between grenades and get rid off the auto detonate and I’ll be happy.


Also, some might say she’s already balanced because she’s a two speed instead of a three speed like Ash. First of all, on paper that doesn’t matter, because she has more armor than Ash. Now I’ll admit a 3 speed is more advantageous than a 2 speed, even considering armor. But her breaching round is inherently better than Ash’s to begin with and she get’s the concussion grenades. So yes, she’s much better than Ash.


No this isn’t about her gun, it’s about her mines. At first I was gonna say this was a minor nerf, but it’s really not.


The thing I don’t like about Ela’s mines, is how she can place them over doorways. Like I mentioned when talking about IQ, almost all doorways are hard walls you can’t shoot through. So even if you know there’s an Ela mine above a door. There’s no way for you to destroy it without either entering the room, or throwing a frag grenade in there.

I think that requires way to much from an attacker. Look at Kapkan and Frost. Both of their gadgets can be destroyed with bullets and can’t be hidden so that you can’t shoot them. Basically, they require no special abilities or resources beyond bullets to destroy.


Having to throw one of two frags to destroy one of three of Ela’s mines is absurd. And having to be Thatcher to get rid of them is even more crazy.

I would make one of two changes for her gadget.

1) They have to be placed like Kapkan’s. In that she has to go up to the doorway/window. Press the button and then an animation will have her sticking it on the door way, close enough so that an observant attacker can see it and shoot it before entering, like Kapkan’s traps.


2) She has to use her gadget like Smoke. In that she can only throw one at a time and she has to manually activate them. Admittedly, I think this is a bit much, since here gadgets are quite weaker than Smoke’s. However I can see how some people would prefer this to option one, since Ela is a three speed and is used more for roaming than holding down the objective.

Minor nerfs

Twitch- She shouldn’t be able to shoot out Mira’s mirrors. Not only does it not make logical sense (is a taser really gonna puncture a steel tank? No) but I just think it’s way to strong an ability for her drone. Shooting out gadgets is fine, because apart from the loosing the gadget itself, the defenders aren’t really affected. But shooting out the mirror drastically changes gameplay, because now the attackers have an extra way to shoot into the objective. Which is a way bigger deal than loosing an ADS or Kapkan trap.


Lesion- I have two ideas, I would be fine with either one although I think both might be good.

1) He shouldn’t get seven. I get he doesn’t get them all at once, so he has to stay alive to use them. But due to the nature of his gadget, Lesion normally stays close to the objective and thus lives most of the round. So staying alive as him isn’t as much of a feat as it would be with Jager or Bandit. Also seven? You get a free ping of an enemy up to 7 times! I say he should get no more than 4 total.


2) They shouldn’t have cloaking. I’d be okay with making them smaller, but cloaking them is ridiculous. They’re already small as is and easy to blend in with debris and such. They should be smaller than they are, but again no cloaking.

And that is the end of this much longer than expected post.

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