The short version is, I have what is most likely a corrupted video file. Is there any way to recover some/all of the data and view the video?

Long version follows: I drove some 500 miles to Virginia International Raceway, hammered my Honda around the track, and thought I was going to get some video from my Replay 1080 XD camera—but then my engine fuel-starved while cornering, went into 'limp-mode' and stalled after I pitted. Since I had the camera plugged into a USB adapter for power, it shut off when the car died (probably didn't finish saving the file correctly), and I have a 1.8 gig video file which I can't view or effectively convert to anything else. The camera normally saves as .mov files, but Windows media player and Quicktime both say they can't open it since it's a codec/format they don't understand.

I'd really like to see the footage, but after some casual searches, any programs or codecs I found either don't help or are disguised viruses. Am I completely hosed?

Not sure if Oppo's cool with this, but I need some help. If it gets fixed, I'll post my sweet dodge of an Audi wagon spinning out!