A little over a week ago I visited a friend of mine, Mark Lieberman, who restores Tuckers. There are only 47 left of them in the world and they all seem to pass through Mark's shop in Michigan. I was in the neighborhood and he told me he had #46 with a fresh restoration. I had recently been talking to another friend of mine who is a video producer and asked him if he might want to shoot some film of it. He said he would and when he got there with his crew he asked me if I could step in front of the camera and interview Mark about the car and the restoration.

This is what happens when you point a camera at an attorney and ask him to speak. The interview is currently airing on local cable in SE Michigan and my producer-friend asked me to lob softball questions at Mark, keeping in mind that the audience of that cable channel is not chock full of Tucker specialists. So, yes, I knew the answers to the questions I was asking (among other things, I just finished a full-length book on Tucker which will be published in 2015). And for Mark, they really were softball questions.

Be sure to stick with it to the end. Mark fires it up and drives it back into the garage. And feel free to ask questions below, whether about the car itself (#46) or Tucker (the man, the car or the company) in general.

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