First drive of my Trans Am since I started the engine swap July 1st. Since then I have swapped in a Pontiac 400, put in a 700r4 trans from a caprice wagon, and on saturday I rebuilt and installed a quadrajet. The TV cable is still a bit wack (I'm not liking the downshifting characteristics when I give it some gas), the engine hasn't been timed with a gun, and the carb is still running on guessed settings and 1978 factory spec hardware. Overall though, I am extremely pleased. With all this paint drama it was good to get the thing onto the road and boost my spirits.

The only exhaust pipes currently on the car are the long tube headers. The car sounds like an old race engine with no mufflers attached. I did piss some old ladies on a walk and woke up one of my friends who was taking a nap.

This video is of my second time out after some adjustments were made and after I found out (and fixed the fact that) the car was only running on 7 cylinders (plug wire was loose). Dash wise my speedo is working for the first time ever, oil pressure is higher than it was on the chevy engine, and the thing is idling at 1000rpm (too high). Also, I don't know how vacuum secondaries work. When do they open? The hardest pull on video is at the 2:20 mark. I still have to go easy on the engine because it isn't fully broken in.

Hey YSI, who has the loudest exhaust in town now?! :D