Video to GIF Megathread #6

Well then. The last time I did this was in February of last year. Y’all know how this goes. And if ya don’t, I make car GIFs, with quality in mind. Online GIF services can’t do ‘em like I do. Request your GIFs, but before you do, you’ll need to read the rules!


Here’s how this works, if you are unfamiliar.

  • Only car videos. The videos can come from any website.
  • A time frame must be provided for what you would like to see as a GIF. (for example, 4:51 to 4:58)
  • Time frames cannot exceed 7 seconds. (longer gifs are crappier in quality, even up to 7 seconds)
  • GIFs will be 500 pixels wide, maximum.
  • GIFs will be 2mb in size, 3mb maximum.
  • A request may not be completed if there is already a GIF of it (I’d rather not explain why)

Submissions will be accepted until 30 minutes after this posting. Anything afterwards will, unfortunately, be declined. Sorry!

edit: Well, only one request made it in. Hopefully next time! Since I have a slight bit more time on hand, I will probably re-commission this post again later this week or next week, so keep those videos ready!!!!


The GIFs will be made tonight, or tomorrow, if there are more requests then expected. It will take me on average half an hour to reply back with your requests, depending on the length of the video.

Visit the #gif megathread tag to see my previous posts.


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