Since I didn’t set up my camera, I just turn to YouTube to find high quality videos from the autocross that I ran yesterday at Pocono. This video showcases how freaking fast it was.

Here’s another:

A C7 using 3rd gear on an autocross course! Nuts right? I only hit about 80 in that stretch so that explains the 4 seconds he had on my fastest time. I managed a 61.9 as my fastest. 56.9 was the FTD. Not bad for a 140 (new at the crank) hp Miata.


And this was going on around the outside of our course on the real track. Haha we were going fast but that’s another level:

Now my car is going in the body shop finally for about a week to get my passenger rear quarter and both rocker panels replaced. Should be exciting to have a less rusty and less dented car again!