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Looking at a couple of new vehicles, can someone run a couple VINs for me through CarFax?



1FTFW1RG4HFB18981 (This one probably will show a rebuilt)

I’m wanting to get a new truck, and these are what I’ve been looking at. Leaning more toward the first one, it’s a 2011 Ford Raptor (photo above) with just under 70k miles and a camper shell (which I want), the other is a 2017 Ford Raptor with a rebuilt title from a front end collision, I’ve looked it over with a friend and it looks to have been done right. It also has all of the options I want, with the larger sunroof and newer tech, body and frame, but has the rebuilt title. Prices are within a couple thousand without negotiating.


If someone does run them for me, can you send them to my email, it’s my username Thanks!

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