Vintage Ads: GM Wants You to Use Common Sense

Yesterday I posted scans of a 1963 Dodge taxi brochure I found at an estate sale.

At this same estate sale my girlfriend found a stack of mid-century home magazines. While I'm not as interested in the articles (except for a few car buying/maintenance articles that are still relevant today) as she is, the ads are fantastic.


Considering all the fuss lately about GM's recalls, I found the ad I'm sharing today to be especially entertaining. They're basically saying, "Look, people. We try to build a good, safe car, but what you do with it is your own business." It's an attitude that definitely won't fly today.

"General Motors builds precision ignition systems into its cars... but it's only as good as you and your knees are."


This is from the August 1966 issue of Better Homes & Gardens by the way.

More coming later...

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