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Vintage Car QOTD / Uneducated car guy in need

My 8am class was cancelled today, so I figured, instead of going back to bed or watching Mad Men, I would go out for a nice morning drive. Well, after waiting 10mins for my car to warm up, I get going. I approach my first stop sign, aaaannnnnnndddddd I have no brakes. Usually travel is only a few inches, now it was at least a foot.


So, my joyride comes to an ending after stubbornly still driving for a few mins. I park in the lot, pop the hood and check my brake fluid. Well, the reservoir was pretty much empty. I knew this was coming, and soon, but I didn't address it because this reservoir holds brake AND clutch fluid. So, Oppo, WHAT THE HELL DO I PUT IN THERE???

TL;DR : What do I put (product) in a reservoir that holds clutch and brake fluid?

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