Vintage Hot Wheels: 1973 Matchbox Pan-Am Boeing 747---w/A Tucker!

Matchbox Boeing 747 Pan-Am "Clipper Ocean Pearl" (1973)

"Clipper Ocean Pearl"


This is one of my favorite "hot wheels" that has survived my youth. It's now in the custody of my 6 year old who continues to play with it. It's 100% diecast metal (except the wheels, of course). All of the "modern" planes I've given to him have plastic wings and tails. That very first pic on top is my favorite of the images I've created so far. I feel like I've come a long way from this.

I was also messing around with the lighting and took this picture of a Tucker Torpedo (model from 2008):


That picture was just taken with natural light in my backyard shed with the door open a crack. :)

If you are interested, here are some earlier "editions" of this series: Good Humor Truck (1983) and VW Golf (1989) and 1976 Postal Van and Chevy Truck


Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think!

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