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Viper Tires Make Great Furniture

When I put new R888’s on my Viper the other day, those old Pilot Sports were just too gorgeous to pay someone to throw away. Some cleaner, a round piece of wood for the base, and a glass table topper made the perfect coffee table for a car enthusiast that likes expensive tires but thinks expensive furniture just doesn’t make sense. We’ve been married 4 years and never had a coffee table; heck, we don’t even have a bed - just a mattress and boxspring. Priorities.

My dog, Pillow, also likes it for some reason and prefers to nap next to it instead of on the couch like he used to. He looks angry in this picture because he is a weirdo and the least photogenic dog ever, but he is a huge sweetheart.


And, yes I am actually married to a woman that is cool with tires in the living room, and I let her have the other 335/30ZR18. She isn’t done designing hers and neither of us are artistic, so please be nice about hers. Hers will have a wood top and will rotate open for us to store our board games and blankets (I swear we aren’t as old as that sentence makes us sound).

Happy Friday!

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