I got a lot of random free beer from a coworker today, and to make room in my fridge I decided to drink some of what I already had in there. I had two blonde ales from different Virginia breweries, so I thought I’d drink them both to compare and contrast them.

I started off with the one I was familiar with, Blonde Hunny, from Wild Wolf Brewing Company out of the Charlottesville area. The only beer of theirs I’ve found so far (Richmond-area Krogers and beer shops carry it, and a few local restaurants have it on tap), I’ve drank this one quite a few times, and it’s among my favorite beers. Has notes of honey and spice. Goes down smoothly. At 6.8% ABV it’s the stronger of the two. Highly recommended.

In between brews I had a drink of water to reset my taste buds.

Bridge Builder is by Parkway Brewing Company out of Salem. I’ve had one or two of their beers before, but this is my first time trying this one. Also very good. Has a fruitier flavor than the Blonde Hunny. Slightly lower ABV (5.9%), but a little smoother as a result. Very good. Haven’t seen it outside of a local craft beer place, so may be less common than Blonde Hunny.

Conclusion: despite their smooth flavors they’ll both get you nice and buzzed. Especially drinking them back to back. I still prefer the Blonde Hunny, but the Bridge Builder makes a nice change of pace and is recommended if you like fruit beers.