Original crank pulley on the left with 71k miles, new one from Fluidampr on the right. Question is, do these things work? Online reviews are mostly just subjective impressions, some dyno runs with really no significant difference. Does it really help the engine run any smoother though?

Airbox removed
Fluidampr installed

The car is completely stock, except for a set of Vibratechnics engine mounts that did increase vibration and noise by ... (on an arbitrary butt-scale) ... 20ish%. The damper feels like it’s reduced that back down by about 10% especially past 3k rpm. In fact, I find myself revving the car out more frequently now as doing so feels less harsh than it did before.

I wanted something besides my butt-vibrometer (heh) to tell me that something actually changed though. I installed a vibrometer app on my phone and drove around before and after the damper was installed.


My testing setup. Yes, it’s a screenshot of a video I took. No, the video isn’t any more interesting than the screenshot.

Before on the left, after on the right. It was about 30 minutes to/from a friend’s place on local streets so hopefully that would cover road quality and a larger portion of the rev range. The mean and max values are lower after the install ... yay, woot, hooray, etc.

Caveats: no idea what the scale exactly means, how the mounting system may have attenuated the vibrations going to the phone, whether the rev range I used was similar in the before/after test, etc, so your mileage will vary. I would guess that with OEM-softness engine mounts the effect may be less pronounced too.


Yes, I have been shopping for new rear tires like any good RWD car driver should always be.

That said, vibrations are noticeably reduced, I’m very happy with the way it turned out, and I’m also glad it wasn’t just the placebo effect making me feel this way.