Went in to drop off some extra spindles and have the bearings replaced, the owner was like,”Welp you know how to work a press.”

Background, I apprenticed there for about 6 months before leaving to attend automotive classes at the,”local”(60 miles away) community college. That was almost exactly a year ago, and I spoke to then maybe twice in that time.(2 techs and the owner)

Everything was almost exactly the same as when I left which was kinda nice, I’d always enjoyed the people there. That being said I wouldn’t go back because I’m kinda a shit mechanic at least when flat-rate is concerned. Always took forever to get anything done and had to borrow tools all the time. But I digress, it was nice to be treated like I never left and BS with the only car guys I know. Got to see a v8 swapped Volvo a manual swapped diesel Excursion. And of course not have to pay an hour’s labor to press the bearings.