Visiting New Zealand

Got some New Zealand travel questions and I figured at least one of us has to be from that place, right?

My friend and I plan to drive out of Auckland on a Monday and visit Hobbiton and Rotorua in one go, ending our day in Waitomo to tour the caves on the next day. The Hobbit tour lasts 2.5 hours and I figured we can soak in some Maori culture (and the hot springs) in Rotorua. Is this packed just right or should I add more activities?


After touring Waitomo’s caves on Tuesday, we’re planning to spend Tuesday night in either Lake Taupo or Turangi. From there, our plan is to spend Wednesday doing a day hike at the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on our way down to Wellington, but this seems a little...ambitious to put it lightly given what everyone says. Is it? Any alternatives?

Also, any other cool things I should check out along the way or things to be mindful of? Other than the cars, I mean.


Please take this Raptor as a token of thanks.

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