The E24 635CSi came at the right point for the right company. Following the legendarily beautiful E9 and powered by some of the hardiest engines of the 1980s, BMW's first 6-series was a testament to power, grace, and durability. Hampered as it may have been in this country by the "5mph" bumpers, the 6-series remains a beloved vehicle by enthusiasts.

In my months-long search for the right car, between my interest in faster territory (Subarus and E36 M3s) and older territory (Datsuns), it was these qualities that brought me back, time and time again, to the shark-nosed Sixer. When I finally found this car, a 1986 635CSi finished in Arktikblau and fitted with the all-important 5-speed manual, it suddenly became worth the 1200-mile round-trip journey to West Virginia to pick up the car and return it to Vermont.

The car, perhaps unsurprisingly given its status as a GT, performed incredibly, and although there were a few minor hiccups along the way, the car was ready (albeit with a slight delay) for its first video. So please check out the video, and look forward to more in the coming weeks on HittingRedline (or on the YouTube channel).